Work From Home With Virtual Assistance – CEO Guide to Virtual Offices – When Your Personal Assistant Is Virtual

  As more and more people work from home, companies and entrepreneurs have to learn how to handle their virtual assistance in more efficient ways.  For instance, they need to determine a safe means of handling sensitive documentation, company and client information. And they need to develop effective and efficient communications skills and time management, to make sure tasks are being accomplished not only in a timely manner but within budget constraints.

A recent article by Bloomberg Businessweek entitled, “CEO Guide to Virtual Offices – When Your Personal Assistant Is Virtual”  listed below discusses this virtual assistance movement:

“Virtual assistants are a small but growing phenomenon at companies looking to minimize overhead. Because they are contractors, virtual assistants are paid only for hours that they actually work instead of a guaranteed salary for a 40-hour week. Not only do companies save on employee benefit costs, but there’s also no real estate or equipment to fund, no need to lease space for an extra desk or buy a computer.

Acquiring a virtual assistant, however, comes with additional peril. Can you trust someone you’ve never met to handle sensitive corporate information? And how will you know if they’re goofing off?”

Virtual Assistance Success

Learn more about working with virtual assistance by reading and viewing any number of helpful articles, blog posts, forums posts and other online content including videos, webinars and downloadable files like ebooks and reports in Adobe PDF. You can gain insightful tips like those mentioned in this YouTube video:





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Work from Home

Work from home without a phone…

You’d love to work from home, but can’t imagine taking client phone calls with a crying baby and a barking dog in the background. And how many calls would you miss when you leave the house to run your myriad errands throughout the day? The good news is that there are many work from home opportunities that do not require turning your home into a call center. (more…)

Home Biz Opps

Tips for Starting a New Home Business

Let us be honest about this. Starting a successful home business is not easy. To start and have succeed in a home business requires a lot of effort and patience, but it can be done!

You have to think seriously about what you are trying to accomplish in your business, do the necessary upfront work and then press forward knowing that success will not happen overnight.

These five principles that will keep you on target as you start your business and help you accomplish your goals for success:

Here are tips to successful home business, from Michael Russell – Home Office Weekly :

Principle No. 1: Get Focused
When it comes to your new home business, focus on something about which you
are absolutely passionate and feel that one day you could be one of the best at
doing. That focus will generate the energy and the drive you will need to
continue when things seem like they are not going as well or as quickly as you
had hoped. (more…)


Virtual Teams: Working as a Team Member Can Build Client Base While Honing Strongest Skills

Few small business owners alone possess all the skills necessary to create and manage a thriving business, without some professional assistance. For the past decade, virtual assistants have been instrumental in assisting small business owners in areas such as internet marketing, website design and maintenance, publicity and advertising, list and database management, customer care, and a host of other key business functions. However in reality, few virtual assistants possess the vast skill set necessary to provide the business owner with the highest possible quality work in all these key areas of business management. This is why a Virtual Team is an intelligent outsourcing solution for the small business owner with diverse tasks to delegate, and a demand for consistent, measurable, excellent results every time, on every task.

By joining a Virtual Team, a VA can gain access to a client base that would otherwise be unattainable, and can be assigned tasks in her area of strength, rather than the usual muliti-faceted tasks of a general VA. For example, a VA with vast knowledge of internet marketing may be assigned internet marketing projects only, for a number of clients. This is a unique opportunity for a VA to become an “expert” in a niche area, increasing her value in the marketplace and enabling her to command a higher rate of pay.

Marketing Online Biz

Determining the Best “Voice” for Your Website

As a virtual assistant, you are selling yourself to potential clients largely through your website.  Through your website, you are expressing to potential clients who you are through the copy on your website.  Therefore it is very important to choose those words wisely.  How are you representing yourself?  As a single entrepreneur in the first person, such as “my 20 years of administrative experience allows me to address all your business needs in the most efficient and professional way.”?  Or as a virtual assistant service, explaining yourself and your services in the third person?, such as “Carol’s extensive experience allows her to provide you with the most professional results in the market.”?  The difference between the two styles is important, as each makes a different impression on the client.  So how do you determine which is right for your small business? (more…)

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