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To Attract A Client, You Must Learn Her Industry’s Language »

“Wanted: [tag]Virtual Assistant[/tag] For High-Volume Options Trader.” Do you know what a “call” is? A “put?” “Arbitrage” or “yield?” If you want to work in a particular industry, you’ll have to know more than how to prepare an EXCEL spreadsheet or a compelling sales letter. Fields such as finance, real estate and the health care [...]

Business Opportunity: Industry Leader Says Market for Virtual Assistants is Booming »

“There is so much work for VAs…the field is thriving, actually booming,” says Diana Ennen, co-author of “Virtual Assistant – The Series” in an article entitled “Lend Assistance” in the Best Business and Finance section of Readers Digest Online at Virtual Assistants are professionals who work from their homes, offering business services such as [...]

Increase Productivity – Use a Timer and Set Limits »

Is your to-do list so daunting that you’ve become a procrastinator? And as a result, you find yourself struggling to meet a deadline only to realize that you could have done a better job, had you devoted adequate time to the project? Many [tag]small business[/tag] owners suffer from this syndrome. Andrew Brown of, offers [...]

Putting Corporate Professionalism In Your Home-Based Business »

You may be running your [tag]home-based business[/tag] in your sweat pants at the kitchen table, but that’s not the image you want to conjure up in your clients’ minds. The following tips offered on can help you present a corporate, professional image to your clients, even though you’re working in the comfort of your [...]

Unique Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Market Herself Every Day »

Just thinking about marketing yourself can be overwhelming. Actually formulating and executing a marketing plan takes time and a great deal of effort. But there are effective and inexpensive ways you can promote your virtual assistant  services every day. Dawn Mayo’s article on entitled “Effective Ways To Market Every Day” offers some innovative techniques [...]

Up-Sell Your Clients From Outtasking To Outsourcing »

Do you have a client who utilizes your [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] sevices periodically to complete tasks for her, for example to draft a compelling sales letter, or to send out a mass mailing? If this is the case, your client is outtasking – not [tag]outsourcing[/tag] – and there’s opportunity for you to change that scenario. What’s [...]

Grace Under Fire – Maintaining Professionalism In The Face Of Conflict »

All [tag]virtual assistants[/tag] have had those terrible moments when we’re so angry, we just want to lash out and scream at someone.  In the virtual world, that often translates into an angry e-mail, instant message, or discussion board entry.  This type of behavior can be a career killer.  In her article on AYS Virtual Assistant [...]

How To Inspire Trust In A Prospective Client »

You’re a professional [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] – competent, diligent, trustworthy.  But how do you convince a prospective client that they can confidently leave their business in your capable hands when there’s no face to face interview?  In a traditional interview process, you would be given the opportunity to present yourself as a polished professional, with a portfolio of work samples [...]

The Coveted Client Testimonial – Know When and How to Ask »

Client testimonials are ultimately your best [tag]marketing[/tag] tool.  Nothing reassures a potential client of your ability as a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] like a glowing attestation to your skills and demeanor from a satisfied client.  But knowing when and how to ask is essential. Peter Geisheker, in his article “How To Easily Get Customer Testimonials” suggests several ways to [...]

Should You Accept A Client Requiring Periodic “On-Site” Work? »

There are many local business opportunities for [tag]virtual assistants[/tag] willing to periodically work “on-site” for clients.  But is this a good idea, and does it fit your professional job description as a virtual assistant?  Some would argue that a virtual assistant willing to work at a client site is not actually a virtual assistant, but an [...]

Low Cost Start-Up Marketing Ideas »

Now that you’ve decided to become a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] or start that [tag]small business[/tag], how do you spread the word about your new venture? Even before you delve into the world of websites and internet marketing, there are some inexpensive, effective ways to get the marketing ball rolling. In her article “Extra! Extra! Read All [...]

Mind Over Matter – Overcoming Your Fear Of Marketing »

There are many reasons that [tag]small business[/tag] owners and [tag]virtual assistants[/tag] hesitate to market themselves. Among them are the fears of “bothering people” and rejection, as well as a self-conciousness about calling attention to themselves. Dr. Maya Bailey has some suggestions to overcome these insecurities by using the Law of Attraction in her article in [...]

You’ve Made a Huge Mistake – How To Tell The Client »

Whether you own a [tag]small business[/tag] or you’re a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag], there will come a day when you will make a big mistake that will adversely affect your client. For example, you’re inputting contacts into your client’s database, you press the wrong key and – poof – her files are gone. Deleted. Irretrievable. What do [...]

Plan Before Launching Your VA Business »

Any successful [tag]small business[/tag] starts with a business plan. If you’re planning to quit your 9 – 5 to become a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag], experts advise you’ll need a business plan, too. In her article “Starting a Virtual Assistant Business” on, Carolyn Moncel advises that a new VA must be prepared to work evenings, weekends [...]

Real Estate Pros Seek Tech-Savvy VAs »

The real estate field provides a multitude of opportunities for [tag]virtual assistants[/tag] possessing traditional office skills, and a basic knowledge of real estate transaction procedures. But there is increasing demand in the competitive world of real estate for VAs with more technical expertise – sometimes called Technical Assistants. These professionals possess knowledge of digital cameras [...]

Recipe For Success – Becoming a Virtual Assistant »

You can read many articles today about what it takes to become a VA. These articles will describe the job skills, office equipment and software required but few will explain the characteristics an individual needs to be successful as a Virtual Assistant. Like any work from home position, being a VA takes determination and self [...]

Ending The Client Relationship – How To Fire The Client Eating Up Your Time and Bottom Line »

Are you a [tag]virtual assisitant[/tag] with a difficult client who utilizes a ton of your time, yet adds comparatively little to your income? If you’ve tried to improve the relationship through constructive communication yet the problems keep piling up, Mentor/Coach Cheryl Calligan offers some professional ways to fire that client. 1) Be Honest – let [...]

Building Your VA Business – Walk Before You Run »

Becoming a VA and building your clientele is an exciting venture. But being too eager to succeed commonly leads to failure and frustration. When starting a business, it’s important to have a clear vision of your objectives. If your primary reason for [tag]working from home[/tag] was to dedicate more time to your family, it’s important [...]

Could Your Hobby Be a Lucrative Home-Based Business? How To Decide »

Some of the most successful home-based businesses started as a hobbies. Sellers of products such as candles, quilts, crafts – often start out producing those items for fun or relaxation. How does one determine whether there’s money-making potential in a hobby? offers advice from the Small Business Administration on making that determination before planning [...]

Staying Organized – Working From Home Requires Strategy »

By [tag]working from home[/tag],  skilled entrepreneurs enjoy the flexibility of earning an income without sacrificing time spent with the family. But as virtual professionals all know, it’s not always possible to lock yourself away in your quiet office away from the hustle and bustle of your busy household. So when clients call and deadlines need [...]