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A Successful Virtual Assistant Can “Have It All”

Liz Folger, founder of, reports that according to [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] trade organizations, the average full time VA in the United States will earn more than $39,000 this year. This figure is growing rapidly, as George Washington University predicts that virtual assisting will become a $130 billion industry by 2008. With the availability of technology, and the realization of the cost benefits associated [tag]virtual administrative support[/tag], employers worldwide are opting for the virtual solution, providing limitless opportunity for the ambitious entrepreneur with the desire to “have it all.” Aside from the excellent income opportunities associated with this profession, [tag]working from home[/tag] offers the ultimate solution for parents and caregivers alike – the ability to balance work and family responsibilities. A VA is empowered with the flexibility to set work hours suitable for her lifestyle, choose the type of assignments she most enjoys, and to be available for that doctor’s appointment or family obligation without the stress of the traditional workplace . For more reasons to become a VA, read Liz Folger’s article “10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Virtual Assistant This Year” at

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