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Building Your VA Business – Walk Before You Run

Becoming a VA and building your clientele is an exciting venture. But being too eager to succeed commonly leads to failure and frustration.

When starting a business, it’s important to have a clear vision of your objectives. If your primary reason for [tag]working from home[/tag] was to dedicate more time to your family, it’s important that you maintain that vision as you add on clients and increase your workload.

Adding on too many clients or too many projects too soon can quickly overwhelm you and undermine the quality of your work. This concept is commonly referred to as “over-promising and under-delivering.”

In her article, “Tips on Winning a Virtual Assistant Position,” Lori Redfield advises that under-delivering is the fastest way to lose a client. She suggests starting off slowly and building the client’s trust by making realistic promises. Delivering high-quality work on time will encourage a client to be flexible in working around your schedule, in order to keep a valued contractor.

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