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Business Opportunity: Industry Leader Says Market for Virtual Assistants is Booming

“There is so much work for VAs…the field is thriving, actually booming,” says Diana Ennen, co-author of “Virtual Assistant – The Series” in an article entitled “Lend Assistance” in the Best Business and Finance section of Readers Digest Online at

Virtual Assistants are professionals who work from their homes, offering business services such as administrative support, transcription, bookkeeping, public relations and website design, as independent contractors.

Ms. Ennen suggests that professionals possessing these skills should consider becoming s, as much of the work can be done at night, and compensation ranges from $35 – $100 per hour for highly specialized skills.

She offers the following links for information and resources for starting a virtual assistant business:

Virtual Assistant Networking Association (,

The International Association of Virtual Office Assistants (

The International Virtual Assistants Association (

For more, read the article at

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  2. By leighdu on Feb 17, 2009 | Reply

    Wonderful article and very true. I have heard that the virtual assistant business is booming, and especially for people, as you have pointed out, that have specialized skills. I’ve bookmarked all the links and will definitely be checking them out.

  3. By SpoiledAngel on Feb 17, 2009 | Reply

    I am not surprised that even now in 2009 it is still booming. A lot of VA jobs can be hired out on a Independent contractor basis too which saves the company or individual a lot of money on taxes and insurance plus all those other expenses that come with having employees. So, I can definitely see why it is still booming now even in a bad economy with so many others out of work!

  4. By jamesb on Feb 20, 2009 | Reply

    There certainly are more reasons why virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular. You do not need to rent an office for them or pay for internet access or phone calls. I have noticed that many American firms are now hiring overseas due to the lower costs of overseas VA.

  5. By tongyun on Feb 20, 2009 | Reply

    It’s not surprising that virtual assistant jobs are growing, especially given the state of the United States economy. Companies can hire a contract employee which lowers costs associated with health insurance, overtime, worker’s comp, etc. It’s really a win-win because the contracted employee can select jobs that meet their needs and expertise while the company keeps overhead costs low.

  6. By tongyun on Feb 20, 2009 | Reply

    This is the ultimate win-win scenario for contract employees and companies looking for specialized worker. The worker can select the type of business they want to work for and whether or not the pay is right. The company gets a worker and doesn’t have to worry about things like health insurance, overtime, worker’s comp, etc.

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