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Ending The Client Relationship – How To Fire The Client Eating Up Your Time and Bottom Line

Are you a [tag]virtual assisitant[/tag] with a difficult client who utilizes a ton of your time, yet adds comparatively little to your income?

If you’ve tried to improve the relationship through constructive communication yet the problems keep piling up, Mentor/Coach Cheryl Calligan offers some professional ways to fire that client.

1) Be Honest – let the client know that you are unable to meet her demands, and that she will need to find another professional to work with.

2) Raise Your Fees – a much higher fee will either adequately compensate you for your service, or discourage the client from working with you.

3) Don’t Renew Your Contract - remind the client that the contract is expiring, and do not renew.

4) Use Escape Options – use the escape clause in your contract, which alows you to end the relationship with written notice.

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