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Increase Productivity – Use a Timer and Set Limits

Is your to-do list so daunting that you’ve become a procrastinator? And as a result, you find yourself struggling to meet a deadline only to realize that you could have done a better job, had you devoted adequate time to the project?

Many [tag]small business[/tag] owners suffer from this syndrome. Andrew Brown of, offers these suggestions to make you more productive:

In brief, they are:

1) Set a time budget for the task – list your tasks, and assign time budgets to them. It will help you to prioritize.

2) Identify what you wat to accomplish in a certain time period – Rather than listing large, time consuming jobs, break your tasks down into manageable pieces. For example “organize desk” can be broken down into 3 tasks – “label folders,” “organize top 3 drawers,” “organize 2 bottom drawers. Rather than failing to accomplish the big job, you will have succeeded in accomplishing that job in manageable pieces.

3) Clock yourself while doing the task – the author suggests using a simple egg timer. It will bring into focus exactly how long a task is taking you.

4) Check your e-mail using the same strategy – unless to can respond to an e-mail in less than 2 minutes. E-mail has a way of disrupting agendas and taking us off task, as it does not arrive on a schedule. The author suggests scheduling specific times throughout the day to check e-mail. For more, visit to continue reading… here.

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