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Putting Corporate Professionalism In Your Home-Based Business

You may be running your [tag]home-based business[/tag] in your sweat pants at the kitchen table, but that’s not the image you want to conjure up in your clients’ minds. The following tips offered on can help you present a corporate, professional image to your clients, even though you’re working in the comfort of your own home. In brief, they are:

1) Be Available and Time Flexible – check voicemail often during working hours, in case a client has an urgent need. Even if you do most of your work at night, it’s important that your clients are able to reach you during the traditional work day.

2) Put Your Best “Professional” Foot Forward – when you leave the house, you must appear absolutely professional in your appearance, and with your business collateral. Business cards, brochures, and contracts must be in order, just as if you were the representative of a large corporation.

3) Stay Financially Fit – Pay bills on time, and be able to keep track of invoices like a pro. Use accounting software like QuickBooks to help.

4) Keep Your Business Cutting Edge – Keep your office equipment up to date, and invest in reliable technical support. Create an impressive website, and subscribe to industry newsletters to stay on the cutting edge.

5) Stay Connected – join the Chamber of Commerce and networking groups.

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