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Recipe For Success – Becoming a Virtual Assistant

You can read many articles today about what it takes to become a VA. These articles will describe the job skills, office equipment and software required but few will explain the characteristics an individual needs to be successful as a Virtual Assistant.

Like any work from home position, being a VA takes determination and self motivation. It’s especially hard to stay focused in a world where work from home jobs are usually portrayed as “work in your jammies” jobs.


When a business owner retains a [tag]Virtual Assistant[/tag] they are not expecting to get someone who sits around all day in bunny slippers and a fuzzy robe. They are expecting a professional. Someone poised and experienced who can get the job done. Being able to turn off the TV and tune out the world has to be a priority so that you can truly provide your clients with exceptional service.


An individual must also be disciplined to thrive in the virtual workplace. There is no manager looking over your shoulder and no time clock to punch. However, the Virtual Assistant market is flooded with outsourced professionals from countries around the world willing to do it cheaper and faster.


So how do you stand out in such a saturated market? Do it better! Many employers today aren’t just looking for the lowest bid or the quickest turn around. While the bottom line is always a factor, employees do see the value in an assistant who can do the job professionally and efficiently. Do you have what it takes?


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