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Should You Accept A Client Requiring Periodic “On-Site” Work?

There are many local business opportunities for [tag]virtual assistants[/tag] willing to periodically work “on-site” for clients.  But is this a good idea, and does it fit your professional job description as a virtual assistant? 

Some would argue that a virtual assistant willing to work at a client site is not actually a virtual assistant, but an administrative assistant with telecommuting privileges. 

While clearly a willingness to appear on-site increases the number of client prospects, it can also interrupt your work flow considerably, and adversely affect your relationship with other clients. 

For example, if another client has an urgent issue arise while you are at another client’s workplace, you cannot feasibly or ethically address that client’s needs as you would if you were [tag]working from home[/tag]. 

According to The Gritty Virtual Assistant on her website,  working at a client site “depletes the time you need to focus on client work, as well as [tag]marketing[/tag] and taking care of your own administrative needs. It also affects the quality and level of consistent service you provide to existing clients who are completely virtual.  On top of that, it just really disrupts your “flow.” You have to consider the prep time, travel time, and getting mentally and physically settled-in time.

I found that on days when I knew I had to go somewhere, my brain wouldn’t mentally shift into doing any in-depth work because I knew I’d have to stop, and not necessarily at a convenient spot.” 

She goes on to say that weaning a client from on-site demands is difficult as well.  For more, read the article at 

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