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The Coveted Client Testimonial – Know When and How to Ask

Client testimonials are ultimately your best [tag]marketing[/tag] tool.  Nothing reassures a potential client of your ability as a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] like a glowing attestation to your skills and demeanor from a satisfied client.  But knowing when and how to ask is essential. Peter Geisheker, in his article “How To Easily Get Customer Testimonials” suggests several ways to ask the client, including:

1) “Email your customers and say that you are developing new marketing materials and you would love to include a client testimonial from them. Then ask if they would be generous enough to help you by emailing you a brief testimonial. ”

2) “Mail your customers a thank you card for doing business with you. In the card say you would be very thankful if they would be generous enough to give you a testimonial by either emailing it to you, faxing it to you, or simply calling you on the phone. ”

For more suggestions, read his article at LINK

The Gritty Virtual Assistant at offers suggestions on when and when not to ask.  She strongly suggests waiting at least a week after successful completion of a project and client sign-off.  This allows the client time to use what you have created for her, and to ensure that she is happy with it.  She reminds us to always ask the client whether she is happy, before asking for a testimonial.  Asking in the middle of a project or immediately after completion, she suggests, can seem pushy and can convey the idea that you are more concerned with the testimonial than with her satisfaction with your service.  For more, read her article here.

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