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Unique Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Market Herself Every Day

Just thinking about marketing yourself can be overwhelming. Actually formulating and executing a marketing plan takes time and a great deal of effort. But there are effective and inexpensive ways you can promote your virtual assistant  services every day.

Dawn Mayo’s article on entitled “Effective Ways To Market Every Day” offers some innovative techniques to get your business name out there with very little effort:

1) Take advantage of your contacts – When you visit the grocer, hair salon or dry cleaner, take business cards or a flyer with you and leave them on the bulletin board, or with the proprietor. You never know who might be in need of your services.

2) Give a thrill with your next bill – Put your business card in the envelope when you pay your utility bills. It might be passed along to the right person.

3) Send fun notes – Periodic postcards or event cards keep your business in the top of a client’s mind. Make them amusing.

4) Promote when you invoice – advertise discounts, products or services at the bottom of your invoice.

5) Make your voicemail work for you – advertise yourself using keywords on your voicemail, e.g. reliable, 24/7, etc.

6) Create a referral incentive – offer a discount or incentive to clients for referring you to new clients. For more, read the article at

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