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Up-Sell Your Clients From Outtasking To Outsourcing

Do you have a client who utilizes your [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] sevices periodically to complete tasks for her, for example to draft a compelling sales letter, or to send out a mass mailing? If this is the case, your client is outtasking – not [tag]outsourcing[/tag] – and there’s opportunity for you to change that scenario.

What’s the difference between outtasking and outsourcing? Howard Tiano, managing editor of describes outsourcing as an ongoing relationship between a business and a service provider to perform ongoing business services.

Outtasking is when a business owner [tag]delegate[/tag]s a periodic task – for example an annual mass mailing or preparation of a semi-annual report – to a company or individual.

Which are you providing to your client – task completion or ongoing services? If it’s the former, there are ways you might convince your client to outsource an element of her business to you. If she trusts you to complete the periodic assignments she’s been delegating to you, perhaps she can assign you the management of her database or her e-mail. This would be an ongoing assignment, which changes the perception of your role from project-doer to ongoing trusted service provider.

For more on outsourcing vs. outtasking, read the article here.

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