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You’ve Made a Huge Mistake – How To Tell The Client

Whether you own a [tag]small business[/tag] or you’re a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag], there will come a day when you will make a big mistake that will adversely affect your client.

For example, you’re inputting contacts into your client’s database, you press the wrong key and – poof – her files are gone. Deleted. Irretrievable. What do you do?

You know you have to tell her, but you fear she’ll be furious.

Linda Anderson offers some tips on how to deal with these disasters in her article “How To Eat Humble Pie” on

In brief, they are:

1) Act Promptly – the sooner you acknowledge the error, the better reaction you are likely to receive.

2) Be Honest - tell the client exactly what and how it happened. Your client will respect you for it.

3) Have a Plan - figure out how to correct the problem or what you suggest to do about it in advance of telling the client.

4) Add Value – can you offer a service as a token of good faith?

5) Be Gracious – accept the client’s reaction. She will likely get over it.

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