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Marketing a Virtual Assistant Business »

Marketing a Virtual Assistance Business is a crucial part of your success. Here are some ways for you to network, share, advertise and grow your business: Read More…

How to Market Your VA biz: You need a Plan »

The marketing plan is a strategy you will use to get people to buy your product or service. Internet marketing is simply a marketing strategy that is administered on the Internet.

How to Start Your Own VA Business…one way… »

One of the hottest new home businesses today is the virtual assistant business. Know the ins-and-outs of this business and start earning from your home today. more…..

Thanks to the Internet there’s a new way to make money with your computer. You might be surprised at all the different services you could offer with this new home business. Most people have become familiar with word processors, which usually consists of typing manuscripts, letters, transcription and writing resumes, but the new virtual assistant is like word processing on steroids.

Diana Ennen, has been a home-based word processor now for about 15 years. She started to educate herself about all the possibilities a person has when starting a virtual assistant business. Diana Ennen along with Kelly Poelker, a certified Master Virtual Assistant, just finished writing an ebook called, “A Bizy’s Guide: How To Start Your Own Home-Based Virtual Assistant’s Business.”

Connect With Your Clients Year-Round With Reminder Services »

As a new [tag]virtual assisitant[/tag], you’d love to offer a personal touch to your clients by sending a birthday card or anniversary greeting, but how can you possibly keep track of all those dates, and come up with a personal greeting for each of them?

Business Resource: Virtual Assistant Networking Association »

The Virtual Assistant Networking Association (VANA) is a website dedicated to promoting the [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] industry. The website boasts the largest VA message board in the world with over 6000 members, and contains articles and tips on planning, operating and succeeding in the virtual assisting world.