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How to Market Your VA biz: You need a Plan

The marketing plan is a strategy you will use to get people to buy your product or service. Internet marketing is simply a marketing strategy that is administered on the Internet.


To begin with a marketing plan, first develop your client profile. Who are you selling to? What is the profession of your target market? Real estate agents? Lawyers? Entrepreneurs? Small Businesses?

Is there a niche market that you can claim within your broad overall market? For example, virtual assistant is a very broad term that can include hundreds of different services. Niche markets usually become profitable more quickly than broader markets. Develop yourself a list of a number of niche markets you can specialize in, such as:

  • Legal assistant projects
  • Real estate projects
  • Marketing assistant projects
  • Database entry

Decide how your ideal client or target market could best learn about you. If he or she was searching for your services, where would they most likely look first? That is where you need to be. Your goal is to make yourself “easily found.” Consider trade organizations, magazines, newsletters or other media that your ideal client might read or view. Consider community events your ideal client might attend.

All of the places where your client might be are the places where you should consider advertising. This is also where effective keywords for your website and your META tags factor in. Consider what would the client put in a search engine if he or she were looking for your type of services? Those are the keywords that you should focus on. There is a whole science to keywords and search engine optimization, so I will cover that in a separate article.

Effective marketing requires some market research and analysis. You must become a detective and discover what is “hot” in today’s marketplace! You can do most of your research using your favorite search engine. Create a list of the things you find to refer to later.

Create a profile or biography on your main competitors. You want to know:

  • What they’re selling
  • How they advertise
  • What their web site looks like
  • What information they give away
  • What prices are they charging

Your objective is not to steal from them or copy them, but to figure out what works best and not have to reinvent the wheel. You also want to know what the going rates are in your specialty, so you can set your rates competitively.

Develop your USP – The USP or unique selling proposition is what makes you different, unique, stand apart. This is what YOU can offer clients that other people cannot. Your USP statement should be condensed down to a couple of sentences, or in as few words as possible –to its essence. Think of Nike® – they convey the whole spirit and persona of energy, adventure, risk-tasking in a single phrase “Just Do It.” Your USP should be repeated as a theme throughout your marketing materials.

Once you have determined your ideal client or target market, you know how your competitors are doing things, and you have a good idea of how much money you can spend on marketing, then it is time to develop your marketing plan.

from Sally Morton, freelance writer, author and virtual assistant specializing in lifestyle and business.

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