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VANA (Virtual Assistant Networking Association) Holds Contest For Scholarship »

The Virtual Assistant Networking Association, or VANA, is conducting an essay contest entitled ““What/who inspired you to become a Virtual Assistant (VA) and how has becoming a VA changed your life for the better?” The winner of this contest will receive a full scholarship to VAU – Virtual Assistant University – worth $1500.

Stop Multi-Tasking – Focus Is Key To Productivity »

Managing any business is a juggling act, but [tag]home-based businesses[/tag] present a unique challenge. In addition to the deluge of phone calls, e-mails, IMs and appointments associated with running any business, there is the added dimension for the home-based business owner of a household to manage the home and family needs simultaneously. This balancing act [...]

Affiliate Marketing: a plan for retirement »

It is no wonder that more and more people want to work at home! Jobs no longer provide much in the way of security or career satisfaction. Companies merge and take over, pension plans are not honored, more is demanded of workers with less return for the time and loyalty they have to put out. [...]