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“To Do” And “Not To Do,” You Need Two Lists

We all have idiosyncracies. Seemingly insignificant time-consuming and counter-productive things we do every day which, added together, take a significant toll on our daily productivity. Getting a small business venture or [tag]virtual assistant [/tag] business off the ground requires a great deal of focus, which is a challenge for many busy entrepreneurs.

Andrew Brown, The “[tag]Small Business[/tag] Guru,” describes a concept outlined in the book “Good To Great” by author Jim Collins. Mr. Collins suggests creating a “Not To Do” list. The concept is that if you can identify these counter-productive behaviors, you can consciously avoid them by listing them where you can be reminded to avoid them throughout the day. The examples Mr. Brown provides are:

Do you frequently get sucked into email strings that have no bearing on your original work plan for the day?

Do you find yourself obsessing about little gaffs you may or may have not made in the last call to a customer?

Have you ever caught yourself whiling away the hours surfing YouTube for the latest Britney embarrassment?

Simply put: If they aren’t helping you accomplish your goals, stop doing them.

For more on this concept, read Mr. Brown’s article at

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  2. By SpoiledAngel on Feb 15, 2009 | Reply

    I am so guilty of this! I always seem to have way too much on my plate and not all of it is necessary. I really need to take the time and do a list I imagine that would open up a lot of time that I need to actually get caught up on my work!

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