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Is VA Training Worth The Money? »

If you are looking to be hired as a Virtual Assistant, you have probably run into some VA training programs that claim to give you a leg up over the competition. But are these training programs really worth the money? Some of these programs may be based on skill sets and office procedures. The training [...]

Consider These Questions Before Launching Your VA Business »

You’ve heard the term Virtual Assistant, researched it, and are determined to give this home-based business a try. But how exactly do you get started? The site Valley Virtual Assistance offers a comprehensive list of considerations that every savvy solopreneur-to-be should review carefully. The list includes asking youself whether you have identified your target market, [...]

Even Solopreneurs Need a Support System – How to Create Yours »

Whether you’re a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] or a [tag]home-based small business[/tag] owner, you’re working constantly to keep all the balls in the air. With the daily obligations of running your household, taking care of your family, and providing services to clients, a solopreneur can often find herself out of energy and out of ideas.

Emerging Niche: Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant »

A Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is a highly-skilled contractor who provides a wide variety of virtual services to bankruptcy attorneys.  Bankruptcy attorneys use these VBAs primarily to prepare chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions, federal forms, for their clients.  Like mainstream [tag]virtual assistant[/tag]s, VBAs work virtually, using their own offices and software.  It is not necessary to be a paralegal [...]