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Is VA Training Worth The Money?

If you are looking to be hired as a Virtual Assistant, you have probably run into some VA training programs that claim to give you a leg up over the competition. But are these training programs really worth the money?

Some of these programs may be based on skill sets and office procedures. The training program will cover tasks you may perform for a client. At the end of your training, passing students will receive a certification.

While there may be some clients who prefer to work with a VA who has some type of certification, there are many other people who will be hiring people based on their work history and skill levels.

If you come from an administrative background and have years of experience in office procedures, an additional [tag]virtual assistant training[/tag] course may not teach you very much. In most cases, you will be able to transfer the skills you have in a physical setting and transfer them to a virtual setting.

There are other training programs that focus on teaching people how to actually “set up shop.” These could be something worth looking into, especially for those new to working from home.

These training programs generally walk people though topics such as setting up a virtual assistant website that will impress clients, tips on how to find clients, as well as strategies for outsourcing some of your own work to other VAs, enabling you to take on more work and earn higher profits.

Some of these programs may come with a pretty hefty price tag, so before you purchase anything, it is important to compare several programs against each other. You will not only want to compare the price, but also the topics that are covered, whether assignments will be graded by an actual instructor, and what type of support is offered. Some programs will allow you to ask questions via email while others will allow you to talk directly to an instructor.

It is also important to note who is teaching the course and the method that was used for developing it. Has the teacher been a VA in the past, and if so, were they successful? Was the course written out of personal experience, or based on what someone researched through other people’s websites?

It is okay to ask for testimonials from past students. If you are given a generic paragraph written by “Sally A. from Florida,” ask to see some testimonials from students where not only their first and last name is displayed, but also their website addresses.

Another option you may want to consider is becoming an intern for a successful VA. Internships will generally last 12 weeks and while they are not a paid position, you will be receiving personalized instruction from someone who is successful in your field – for free. What better experience could you ask for?

But seriously, the value of an excellent VA training program cannot be underestimated –

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