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Promoting Your VA Business Using Ezines

As a small business owner, you know the value of promoting your Virtual Assistant business in a cost-effective way. One inexpensive choice to attract new clients is utilizing the internet’s vast reach through ezines, also known as electronic newsletters.

No matter how your VA business is oriented, there is an ezine available which will suit your purpose. For example, there are newsletters that focus on working at home and on using outsourcing to maximize an entrepreneur’s time. To locate the ezines that are most appropriate to reach your target audience, visit the Ezine Directory .

Once you have identified the ezines to use, how can you best promote your VA business? Here are three ways:

  • Writing ezine articles. You are knowledgeable about your business and can offer insights related to it or to similar topics. Ezine publishers are constantly seeking articles to publish and will welcome your submissions. This will get your VA enterprise noticed, and it will clarify for potential clients that you have excellent communication skills. It can also give them an insight into your style and personality. The key is to make sure that the article will grab the readers’ attention, as well as appeal to your target audience. Also keep in mind that ezine publishers are seeking timely writings about current topics. For example, late in the year business owners will be looking to the economic prospects for coming months, and a related forecast should be of interest. In order for your seasonal ideas to be considered, develop and submit them a month or two prior to expected publication. Two popular ezines are ArticleCity and IdeaMarketers .
  • Advertising in ezines. Compared to the alternative, ezines offer a relatively inexpensive way to reach a large number of people who may be interested in your VA services. The best ezines for advertisement are those that target internet business, marketing, and outsourcing because these readers may be considering hiring a Virtual Assistant. One idea for creating customer interest is to include a special deal available only to those that read the ezine. It is helpful to know that some sites offer multiple ezines and will provide incentives to publish in more than one of them. In addition, you may receive a better price by agreeing to do multiple runs. Always get a sample issue before advertising. Also, be sure to subscribe to the publications that you utilize so that you confirm that your advertisement was run as written.
  • Publish your own ezine. Many VA business owners find this a successful way to speak regularly to their target audience. Your own ezine gives you the chance to emphasize your unique VA services by emphasizing your voice, whether it is serious, funny, quirky or whatever. One advertising rule is that potential customers need to see your message more than a dozen times before making a decision. By producing a great newletter for them to read, you can reach many of them. You have given a reflection of your VA business, as well as providing both existing and potential customers with information that they want.

Ezines are a powerful tool for your VA enterprise to easily reach customers and to describe your special services. To learn more about ezines and to decide if they are right for your business, visit Alexandria Brown’s, EzineQueen (

How to Market your VA Services – also lists strategies to promote your virtual assistance business.

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