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Tips on Managing Your Home Office

Establishing a [tag]home-based business[/tag] requires a tremendous amount of personal discipline. Unlike the traditional workplace, there is no supervisor dictating the use of your time, as she hands you projects with set deadlines. As a [tag]solopreneur[/tag], your ability to manage your time well, prioritize your projects, and set boundaries with your loved ones will be the keys to your success.

Lanita of offers several helpful tips for managing your home office, and your family. She urges [tag]VA[/tag]s to carefully lay out their projects to determine both the deadline and the length of time anticipated to complete it. This will help to prioritize your workload on a daily basis. Particularly helpful are her suggestions for maintaining “office hours” even while at home. She suggests posting office hours on the door, and reminding your children that if you were working outside of the home, they would be unable to barge in and interrupt you. She suggests asking them kindly to treat your home office as if it is not part of the home. She reminds us that handling interruptions is key to effective time management. For more, read the article here.

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  2. By leighdu on Feb 19, 2009 | Reply

    Great site! I’ve found that the biggest obstacle for me was to keep reminding myself that even though I am home, I am still at work. The television, dishes, laundry, and other things are calling me to be done, but I have to act as if I am actually away at an office. It is tough but it can definitely be done.

  3. By jamesb on Feb 20, 2009 | Reply

    I can totally understand where Leighdu is coming from. I am a stay at home dad and work from home and its tough being able to always concentrate on work. There are so many things which can distract me and this can cost me a lot of income.

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