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Work from home without a phone…

You’d love to work from home, but can’t imagine taking client phone calls with a crying baby and a barking dog in the background. And how many calls would you miss when you leave the house to run your myriad errands throughout the day? The good news is that there are many work from home opportunities that do not require turning your home into a call center. ‘s article Top Work From Home Opportunities That Don’t Require a Phone points out that there are many scams on the internet advertising work from home opportunities. There are, however, some very legitimate job sites such as Guru and Elance from which an able writer, especially, can obtain lucrative work. SEO or Search Engine Optimization articles are in especially high demand from employers in every possible line of work.

Another vehicle for earning money from home without using the phone is through affiliate marketing, which is essentially earning commissions by selling other people’s products on your own website. The article suggests promoting programs and products that are interesting and appealing to you to obtain the best results, and directs readers to to learn more about the fiercely competitive world of internet marketing.

Data entry jobs are plentiful as well, though the article points out that one should never pay for a list or pay an employer for work, as these are common internet scams. The website is provided as a resource for legitimate internet work from home opportunities. With a reliable internet connection, there is plenty of work out there with no phone work required. Read more here.

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