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Taming The Beast: Don’t Let Your Business Ruin Your Life

Launching a [tag]small business[/tag] could be the most exciting and exhausting experience you will ever have. Whether you’re beginning a career as a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag], or launching a product-based business, most experienced entrepreneurs agree on one thing: Do not get so immersed in your venture that your personal life and family suffer.

The editors at provide some sobering facts about the realities of a new business venture, and some solutions to offeset your risk of losing the balance so important to a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy business. In brief, they are:

1) Ensure that your partner supports your decision to start a business – All new businesses require sacrifice, both personal and financial. While your spouse may fully support your decision to forego the corporate paycheck to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, does he/she realize that the family will have to pitch in to help with the cooking, cleaning and general familial duties? Ensure that the whole family understands that you will need their help and support.

2) Accept that you may fail – If you’ve given up the corporate paycheck, is your lifestyle sustainable if your business fails? Do you have a plan B? It is crucial that you and your spouse have a clear business plan to avoid the unpleasant possibility of losing money in your venture.

3) Plan regular family time every week – Whether it’s a trip to the playground or a family movie night, it is important to make an appointment at least once a week to commit yourself fully to your spouse and family. Don’t let your business eat into the time that your spouse and children really need you.

4) Don’t stop exercising – It’s easy to say that you’re too busy working to get out and exercise. Taking a walk, doing a video workout, or taking your lunch hour at the gym is important to your mental and physical well being.

5) Hire a virtual assistant – Even if you can afford only a few hours a week, a virtual assistant is a wise investment. Whether it’s marketing assistance, database management or research, a focused individual may be able to do a better job on a task than you could do yourself, given your multitude of start-up responsibilities. Even virtual assistants need assistance as they launch their practices.

For more on a how a Virtual Partner can help you manage your small business and balance your life, visit Connect2Pro at this link. For more tips on keeping your business from taking over your life, read the PR-GB article here.

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