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It Can Happen To You: Be Prepared For Overnight Success

You’ve probably read a multitude of articles by now pertaining to Tim Ferriss’s phenomenal book “The 4-Hour Work Week.” This article is not about how to maximize your productivity and work fewer hours, but how a recommendation in that book transformed the Indian VA Company which provided outstanding virtual assistant services to Mr. Ferriss.

In his blog Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing, Ron McDaniels reminds us that every time you help a person to succeed, you are creating an advocate for yourself and your virtual assistant business.

For most of us, that means that you could generate a few good leads per week.

In the case of that Indian Virtual Assistant company, their satisfied client wrote a best-selling book extolling their virtues, and they cannot hire people fast enough to accommodate all the requests for their services.

The morals of this story are:

#1 You could get very popular unexpectedly. Have a plan for what to do if you experience explosive growth.

#2 Buzz happens at all levels, from barely noticeable blips to industry transforming exposure. Keep at it and you will succeed.

Bonus #3 – Treat every person like they are your future Tim Ferriss.

For more on this, read Mr. McDaniels blog Here.

To learn more about Buzzoodle Inbound marketing, check it out here.

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  2. By jamesb on Feb 20, 2009 | Reply

    That is indeed a very positive outlook and way to look at your business and its potential. I am certain that most of us would not be ready when business would pick up rather fast. I would however rather be in that position then in one without any business at all.

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