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Increase Earnings and Expertise with Social Media Training »

As of this moment, there are thousands of Virtual assistants in the global workforce that can be hired for less than $5 per hour.  For most of us in the USA, trying to compete for clients in today’s competitive environment and weak economy is difficult and frustrating, and reason enough to seek a unique niche for ourselves in [...]

In Demand: Virtual Niche Marketing Assistant »

Get certified in Niche Marketing Techniques Including Blog Creation and Affiliate Marketing Strategies Aspiring [tag]Virtual Assistants[/tag] can find a plethora of training courses available to them simply by visiting a blog or website aimed at the profession.  Many of these courses focus on the fundamental skills needed by an aspiring VA – time management, organizational skills, writing [...]

Terrified of Failure? 3 Steps To Help You Forge Ahead Fearlessly »

Starting a new virtual assistant business or small home-based business is fraught with uncertainties. All-consuming worries like, “what if I quit my job and I can’t make a living at this,” and “what will happen to my family” can usurp so much of the energy that you could be investing into your business, that failure almost becomes inevitable.

What’s Your Specialty? Consider Offering Publicity And Marketing Services »

Every business needs some degree of [tag]marketing[/tag] to remain foremost in clients’ minds.  Many [tag]small business[/tag] owners are simply too busy running their businesses to focus adequately on spreading the word about their products or services.  Clearly, the more energy devoted to ensuring that a business is marketed constantly and effectively, the more likely it is that that [...]

Do Virtual Assistants Need to to Be Certified? »

Should Virtual Assistants Be Certified? When a business hires a virtual assistant to help them with their marketing, web sites and email, they want to hire the most qualified person for the job. There are numerous certification courses that teach these skills and verify them. They range from quite expensive to cheap online degrees. Is [...]