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Do Virtual Assistants Need to to Be Certified?

Should Virtual Assistants Be Certified?

When a business hires a virtual assistant to help them with their marketing, web sites and email, they want to hire the most qualified person for the job. There are numerous certification courses that teach these skills and verify them. They range from quite expensive to cheap online degrees. Is this something you should seriously consider to become a VA?

It may not be primary to have the degree, but the idea of training is a good one, and worth your time no matter what, if it increases your online skills and value to a client.

There are many online schools and associations that offer VA certification, some of them are quite costly. Since there is no law that governs what this distinction means, each program or association can decide what is required for their specific certification.

In most cases, this will mean that you, the VA has passed some exams in things like word processing, web design, internet research, and so forth. It is important to remember that there are no standardized tests, and one that receives certification from one organization may not be eligible for certification from another organization.

A certification such as this may not mean much at all, just a “piece of paper” only online–so it is important to look at the skill set, experience and understanding that the current market demands – to be a traffic assistant, social networking or affiliate management, and blog admin—jobs that are worth the investment.

This is especially true if you are wanting to become a VA who specializes in marketing or affiliate management. A basic VA certification may not have any bearing on these tasks, as these skill sets are not even tested through those exams.

If you are someone with a crisp and professional-looking website that is free of errors, who responds quickly to emails and is enthusiastic sounding over the phone, a potential employer will most likely assume that you will complete their assignments in the same way.

If you want to know how to do the tasks that are in high demand these days, you will need to learn them and get quick with them, since this is a faster-moving web than it used to be. So, if you know your stuff, the certificate is the icing on the cake, verifying you have experience and could perform the social networking, web and email skills needed to bring traffic and make sales for your client, or even for yourself! Now you can work from home—and have fun too – isn’t that what you wanted when you thought of becoming a virtual assistant?

Let’s face it, today’s workplace challenges are telling us that working at home is the best solution to the expense and instability of the current employment market. So save your gas, have lunch with your kids, breastfeed your baby, whatever it is you need to do – and still make a decent living – that can happen with a small investment of time and money, to get training and certification in internet marketing, traffic and lead generation, affiliate and small business web development skills.

Check out the VA Classroom – a niche virtual assistant course for a terrific expertise in all the skills you will need to succeed….get started now, don’t wait any longer.

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  2. By SpoiledAngel on Feb 16, 2009 | Reply

    That is good information to know. I first found out about “getting a certificate” on a forum where I was told that you could not get hired without one. Very shortly thereafter I found out that was bunk and inaccurate to say the least.

  3. By jamesb on Feb 20, 2009 | Reply

    I think that it does depend a great deal as to what type of work the virtual assistant is expected to do. If they need to do search engine optimization work for example then there is not really some type of SEO certification. The same applies more or less with online marketing and even web design.

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