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What’s Your Specialty? Consider Offering Publicity And Marketing Services

Every business needs some degree of [tag]marketing[/tag] to remain foremost in clients’ minds.  Many [tag]small business[/tag] owners are simply too busy running their businesses to focus adequately on spreading the word about their products or services.  Clearly, the more energy devoted to ensuring that a business is marketed constantly and effectively, the more likely it is that that business will flourish.  Imparting this philosophy to prospective clients and then delivering excellent results can help you to distinguish yourself as a publicity and marketing specialist.

Diana Ennen, noted author of number books about the field of [tag]virtual assistance[/tag], provides suggestions on how to market a client effectively by seizing upon opportunities for publicity that present themselves every day in her article “Publicity and Marketing – The Perfect Niche For Successful Virtual Assistants.”

Ms. Ennen suggests capitalizing on all your client’s achievements.  If she is quoted in a national article or noted website, create a press release and send it to all media outlets, especially local ones.  The author notes that local media love to do success stories on local people.  She suggests following up with those news outlets to ensure their consideration of your client for future articles.  She reminds us that there are many opportunities for publicity created every day.

Ms. Ennen stresses the importance of knowing how to write a successful press release.  She reminds us that we should keep the target audience in mind when writing the release, to make it interesting and factual, and not to sound too promotional or like an advertisement.  For more information on creating a professional press release, click Here.

To read Ms. Ennen’s article, visit this Link.



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