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Work From Home With Virtual Assistance – CEO Guide to Virtual Offices – When Your Personal Assistant Is Virtual »

  As more and more people work from home, companies and entrepreneurs have to learn how to handle their virtual assistance in more efficient ways.  For instance, they need to determine a safe means of handling sensitive documentation, company and client information. And they need to develop effective and efficient communications skills and time management, [...]

Determining the Best “Voice” for Your Website »

As a virtual assistant, you are selling yourself to potential clients largely through your website.  Through your website, you are expressing to potential clients who you are through the copy on your website.  Therefore it is very important to choose those words wisely.  How are you representing yourself?  As a single entrepreneur in the first person, such [...]

Work From Home With Virtual Assistance – Skip Scams & Commute to work in 30 seconds »

While some ads still try to get people to stuff envelopes and make big money, in theory only, there are work from home jobs that are not scams. If you can head online to work virtually and pick up the phone and communicate well with others, for example, you can make some money today while [...]