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Determining the Best “Voice” for Your Website

As a virtual assistant, you are selling yourself to potential clients largely through your website.  Through your website, you are expressing to potential clients who you are through the copy on your website.  Therefore it is very important to choose those words wisely.  How are you representing yourself?  As a single entrepreneur in the first person, such as “my 20 years of administrative experience allows me to address all your business needs in the most efficient and professional way.”?  Or as a virtual assistant service, explaining yourself and your services in the third person?, such as “Carol’s extensive experience allows her to provide you with the most professional results in the market.”?  The difference between the two styles is important, as each makes a different impression on the client.  So how do you determine which is right for your small business?

Copywriter Miriam Ellis generally recommends a first person perspective for almost all small business owners or entrepreneurs.  It is her opinion that they come across as “honest, humble, and incredibly personable.”  She cites the example of a patent lawyer’s website, which has a friendly photo greeting visitors to on his home page, which makes her feel that if she needs a lawyer, this man is accessible and ready to help her.  When she scans the copy, however, it is written in the third person, making it seem more like a biography than an explanation of his services and expertise.  In this case, she recommends changing the copy to the first person, such as “I will help you make quick work of the intricacies of filing a patent.” She feels that this personal connection is reassuring to potential clients.  Read the article “Is Your Small Business Website’s Voice Honest and True?”Here.

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