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Work From Home With Virtual Assistance – CEO Guide to Virtual Offices – When Your Personal Assistant Is Virtual

  As more and more people work from home, companies and entrepreneurs have to learn how to handle their virtual assistance in more efficient ways.  For instance, they need to determine a safe means of handling sensitive documentation, company and client information. And they need to develop effective and efficient communications skills and time management, to make sure tasks are being accomplished not only in a timely manner but within budget constraints.

A recent article by Bloomberg Businessweek entitled, “CEO Guide to Virtual Offices – When Your Personal Assistant Is Virtual”  listed below discusses this virtual assistance movement:

“Virtual assistants are a small but growing phenomenon at companies looking to minimize overhead. Because they are contractors, virtual assistants are paid only for hours that they actually work instead of a guaranteed salary for a 40-hour week. Not only do companies save on employee benefit costs, but there’s also no real estate or equipment to fund, no need to lease space for an extra desk or buy a computer.

Acquiring a virtual assistant, however, comes with additional peril. Can you trust someone you’ve never met to handle sensitive corporate information? And how will you know if they’re goofing off?”

Virtual Assistance Success

Learn more about working with virtual assistance by reading and viewing any number of helpful articles, blog posts, forums posts and other online content including videos, webinars and downloadable files like ebooks and reports in Adobe PDF. You can gain insightful tips like those mentioned in this YouTube video:





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