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Work From Home With Virtual Assistance – CEO Guide to Virtual Offices – When Your Personal Assistant Is Virtual »

  As more and more people work from home, companies and entrepreneurs have to learn how to handle their virtual assistance in more efficient ways.  For instance, they need to determine a safe means of handling sensitive documentation, company and client information. And they need to develop effective and efficient communications skills and time management, [...]

Determining the Best “Voice” for Your Website »

As a virtual assistant, you are selling yourself to potential clients largely through your website.  Through your website, you are expressing to potential clients who you are through the copy on your website.  Therefore it is very important to choose those words wisely.  How are you representing yourself?  As a single entrepreneur in the first person, such [...]

Work From Home With Virtual Assistance – Skip Scams & Commute to work in 30 seconds »

While some ads still try to get people to stuff envelopes and make big money, in theory only, there are work from home jobs that are not scams. If you can head online to work virtually and pick up the phone and communicate well with others, for example, you can make some money today while [...]

Work From Home With Virtual Assistance – 10 Ways to Start Earning Extra Money Now »

While gas prices soar and good paying jobs are still not always easy to find, more and more people are turning to work from home opportunities. This creates a demand for virtual assistance to help with all sorts of tasks from helping set up businesses online to growing them via social media marketing, content marketing, [...]

Tips for Starting a New Home Business »

Let us be honest about this. Starting a successful home business is not easy. To start and have succeed in a home business requires a lot of effort and patience, but it can be done! You have to think seriously about what you are trying to accomplish in your business, do the necessary upfront work [...]

Don’t Sell Yourself Short – Market Wisely »

A virtual assistant is a highly skilled professional with finely tuned administrative and creative skills gained through experience in the business world, right?  So why is the industry forever selling itself to the marketplace with words like “cheap,” ”low cost” and “no commitment?”  When marketing yourself as a virtual assistant, it is wise to focus on [...]

Research is Essential Before Launching a VA Business »

To launch a successful VA business, you need more than just a computer and top notch administrative skills.  To compete in the ever-expanding world of virtual assistance, you need a competitive edge.  Janice Byer, Owner of Docu-Type Administrative and Web Design Services provides some helpful suggestions on her website to those considering launching a VA business.

Terrified of Failure? 3 Steps To Help You Forge Ahead Fearlessly »

Starting a new virtual assistant business or small home-based business is fraught with uncertainties. All-consuming worries like, “what if I quit my job and I can’t make a living at this,” and “what will happen to my family” can usurp so much of the energy that you could be investing into your business, that failure almost becomes inevitable.

What’s Your Specialty? Consider Offering Publicity And Marketing Services »

Every business needs some degree of [tag]marketing[/tag] to remain foremost in clients’ minds.  Many [tag]small business[/tag] owners are simply too busy running their businesses to focus adequately on spreading the word about their products or services.  Clearly, the more energy devoted to ensuring that a business is marketed constantly and effectively, the more likely it is that that [...]

It Can Happen To You: Be Prepared For Overnight Success »

You’ve probably read a multitude of articles by now pertaining to Tim Ferriss’s phenomenal book “The 4-Hour Work Week.” This article is not about how to maximize your productivity and work fewer hours, but how a recommendation in that book transformed the Indian VA Company which provided outstanding virtual assistant services to Mr. Ferriss.

Taming The Beast: Don’t Let Your Business Ruin Your Life »

Launching a [tag]small business[/tag] could be the most exciting and exhausting experience you will ever have. Whether you’re beginning a career as a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag], or launching a product-based business, most experienced entrepreneurs agree on one thing: Do not get so immersed in your venture that your personal life and family suffer. The editors at [...]

Promoting Your VA Business Using Ezines »

As a small business owner, you know the value of promoting your Virtual Assistant business in a cost-effective way. One inexpensive choice to attract new clients is utilizing the internet’s vast reach through ezines, also known as electronic newsletters. No matter how your VA business is oriented, there is an ezine available which will suit [...]

Work from home without a phone… »

You’d love to work from home, but can’t imagine taking client phone calls with a crying baby and a barking dog in the background. And how many calls would you miss when you leave the house to run your myriad errands throughout the day? The good news is that there are many work from home [...]

Tips on Managing Your Home Office »

Establishing a [tag]home-based business[/tag] requires a tremendous amount of personal discipline. Unlike the traditional workplace, there is no supervisor dictating the use of your time, as she hands you projects with set deadlines. As a [tag]solopreneur[/tag], your ability to manage your time well, prioritize your projects, and set boundaries with your loved ones will be [...]

Is VA Training Worth The Money? »

If you are looking to be hired as a Virtual Assistant, you have probably run into some VA training programs that claim to give you a leg up over the competition. But are these training programs really worth the money? Some of these programs may be based on skill sets and office procedures. The training [...]

Consider These Questions Before Launching Your VA Business »

You’ve heard the term Virtual Assistant, researched it, and are determined to give this home-based business a try. But how exactly do you get started? The site Valley Virtual Assistance offers a comprehensive list of considerations that every savvy solopreneur-to-be should review carefully. The list includes asking youself whether you have identified your target market, [...]

Even Solopreneurs Need a Support System – How to Create Yours »

Whether you’re a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] or a [tag]home-based small business[/tag] owner, you’re working constantly to keep all the balls in the air. With the daily obligations of running your household, taking care of your family, and providing services to clients, a solopreneur can often find herself out of energy and out of ideas.

Emerging Niche: Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant »

A Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is a highly-skilled contractor who provides a wide variety of virtual services to bankruptcy attorneys.  Bankruptcy attorneys use these VBAs primarily to prepare chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions, federal forms, for their clients.  Like mainstream [tag]virtual assistant[/tag]s, VBAs work virtually, using their own offices and software.  It is not necessary to be a paralegal [...]

Practical Tips For Launching Your Virtual Assistant Career »

Contemplating leaving the corporate workplace to pursue your dream of becoming a [tag]Virtual Assistant[/tag]? Brian Tracy, author of “7 Practical Tips For [tag]Small Business[/tag] Success” on, points out that starting a business requires both faith and courage, and also some practical planning.

Building Your Virtual Assistant Business – 7 Proven Ways To Get Clients Now »

There are many creative ways to advertise your new [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] business and start building clientele, without spending a lot of money. An investment in a box of business cards and a few donated hours can spread the word that you’re in business, and showcase your skills in a positive way. Lisa Taliga, author of [...]