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New Self-Study VAClassroom Skill Camp Program »

Let me ask you a question…… How much would it be worth to you and your business to: Develop the right system to creating a profitable, in-demand Facebook Page Service. Receive an easy-to-follow blueprint for building an effective online newsletter or ezine. Discover proven techniques for designing a winning WordPress Blog. Uncover and implement the [...]

Welcome to the #1 resource of real work at home jobs and virtual assistant jobs on the Internet! »

ANNOUNCEMENT: presents a terrific resource for Work at Home Jobs – Virtual Assistant Jobs *Welcome to the #1 resource of real work at home jobs and virtual assistant jobs on the Internet!* We are very excited to announce our association with Virtual Assistant Jobs online directory,  specialize in locating legitimate work at home jobs [...]

Virtual Teams: Working as a Team Member Can Build Client Base While Honing Strongest Skills »

Few small business owners alone possess all the skills necessary to create and manage a thriving business, without some professional assistance. For the past decade, virtual assistants have been instrumental in assisting small business owners in areas such as internet marketing, website design and maintenance, publicity and advertising, list and database management, customer care, and [...]

Track Your Time Automatically – without thinking! »

Track Your Time, Automatically Too busy to record client hours accurately? Check out Chrometa, a low-cost automatic time-tracking software program that can increase your billable hours and improve your productivity. As you move from task to task for your VA clients, it’s easy to lose track of how much time you spend for each. Then, [...]

Building a Profitable Niche – Virtual Event Specialist »

It is always exciting to uncover hot and profitable new niches to tap into for your Virtual Business. Internet Marketing, Ecommerce Support and Social Media Marketing continue to be very in-demand” services niches -however, I am excited about this emerging niche in the Virtual Event Industry. Check it out now – The “Virtual Events” [...]

Learn Social Media Marketing – “Most Wanted” Skills »

Social Media Marketing is a hot topic today and business professionals are getting serious about it. They know they need to learn the skills to utilize the new networking media, but they either have no concept how to do it, or are completely overwhelmed by how much time and skill it takes to be successful. [...]

199 Online Tools – a Must-Have for Virtual Entrepreneurs »

“Tech Divas” Donna Baxter and Kirsten Womack have authored “199 Online Tools,” a virtual bible of websites and resources available to online entrepreneurs to help them build and grow their businesses. “199 Online Tools” is an indispensable compilation of resources addressing an expansive array of business needs, including audio and visual tools to enhance a [...]

Great Resource for “WAHM”s – Work At Home Moms »

MomsTalkNetwork is a multi-faceted website aimed primarily at WAHMs and moms looking for inspiration and ideas for a WAH business. The community offers a plethora of articles, resources and links to information on life issues such as parenting, health and wellness, beauty and self-esteem; as well as resources for managing a home-based business and ideas for creating one.  The [...]

Increase Earnings and Expertise with Social Media Training »

As of this moment, there are thousands of Virtual assistants in the global workforce that can be hired for less than $5 per hour.  For most of us in the USA, trying to compete for clients in today’s competitive environment and weak economy is difficult and frustrating, and reason enough to seek a unique niche for ourselves in [...]

In Demand: Virtual Niche Marketing Assistant »

Get certified in Niche Marketing Techniques Including Blog Creation and Affiliate Marketing Strategies Aspiring [tag]Virtual Assistants[/tag] can find a plethora of training courses available to them simply by visiting a blog or website aimed at the profession.  Many of these courses focus on the fundamental skills needed by an aspiring VA – time management, organizational skills, writing [...]

Do Virtual Assistants Need to to Be Certified? »

Should Virtual Assistants Be Certified? When a business hires a virtual assistant to help them with their marketing, web sites and email, they want to hire the most qualified person for the job. There are numerous certification courses that teach these skills and verify them. They range from quite expensive to cheap online degrees. Is [...]

Can You Still Make Money in Affiliate Marketing? »

Affiliate marketing is a proven business strategy. Promoting and profiting from products you believe in can be profitable, whether you operate as an independent affiliate marketer or incorporate affiliate marketing as part of a larger business model. However, the area has become quite competitive, due to the large profit potential. It is no longer enough [...]