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Tips for Starting a New Home Business »

Let us be honest about this. Starting a successful home business is not easy. To start and have succeed in a home business requires a lot of effort and patience, but it can be done! You have to think seriously about what you are trying to accomplish in your business, do the necessary upfront work [...]

What’s Your Specialty? Consider Offering Publicity And Marketing Services »

Every business needs some degree of [tag]marketing[/tag] to remain foremost in clients’ minds.  Many [tag]small business[/tag] owners are simply too busy running their businesses to focus adequately on spreading the word about their products or services.  Clearly, the more energy devoted to ensuring that a business is marketed constantly and effectively, the more likely it is that that [...]

Can You Still Make Money in Affiliate Marketing? »

Affiliate marketing is a proven business strategy. Promoting and profiting from products you believe in can be profitable, whether you operate as an independent affiliate marketer or incorporate affiliate marketing as part of a larger business model. However, the area has become quite competitive, due to the large profit potential. It is no longer enough [...]

It Can Happen To You: Be Prepared For Overnight Success »

You’ve probably read a multitude of articles by now pertaining to Tim Ferriss’s phenomenal book “The 4-Hour Work Week.” This article is not about how to maximize your productivity and work fewer hours, but how a recommendation in that book transformed the Indian VA Company which provided outstanding virtual assistant services to Mr. Ferriss.

Taming The Beast: Don’t Let Your Business Ruin Your Life »

Launching a [tag]small business[/tag] could be the most exciting and exhausting experience you will ever have. Whether you’re beginning a career as a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag], or launching a product-based business, most experienced entrepreneurs agree on one thing: Do not get so immersed in your venture that your personal life and family suffer. The editors at [...]

Even Solopreneurs Need a Support System – How to Create Yours »

Whether you’re a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] or a [tag]home-based small business[/tag] owner, you’re working constantly to keep all the balls in the air. With the daily obligations of running your household, taking care of your family, and providing services to clients, a solopreneur can often find herself out of energy and out of ideas.

“To Do” And “Not To Do,” You Need Two Lists »

We all have idiosyncracies. Seemingly insignificant time-consuming and counter-productive things we do every day which, added together, take a significant toll on our daily productivity. Getting a small business venture or [tag]virtual assistant [/tag] business off the ground requires a great deal of focus, which is a challenge for many busy entrepreneurs.

Small Business Expense Control – Start With Yourself »

Leaving the corporate workplace to live your dream as an entrepreneur requires more than a great business idea or great business skills. It requires financial discipline. Not only in how much you pay for office supplies or a good accountant, but in how you control your personal spending habits. When you were collecting your weekly [...]

How To Discuss Your Rates Without Scaring Potential Clients Away »

When you’re trying to build your [tag]virtual assistant business[/tag], it’s tempting to consider gimmicks like free hours and rate discounts to lure potential clients. But is this really a good idea? Erin Blaskie, The VA Coach, says “absolutely not,” and offers some techniques to make selling yourself short unnecessary.

Beware Of Fraud When Using Internet To Find Work As Virtual Assistant »

You may think you’re safe posting your resume on reputable sites such as or to look for work as a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag]. Unfortunately, job sites like this have become a major source of identity theft, enabling scammers to obtain personal information through resumes, and by posing as legitimate employers seeking additional information from [...]

Stop Multi-Tasking – Focus Is Key To Productivity »

Managing any business is a juggling act, but [tag]home-based businesses[/tag] present a unique challenge. In addition to the deluge of phone calls, e-mails, IMs and appointments associated with running any business, there is the added dimension for the home-based business owner of a household to manage the home and family needs simultaneously. This balancing act [...]

Increase Productivity – Use a Timer and Set Limits »

Is your to-do list so daunting that you’ve become a procrastinator? And as a result, you find yourself struggling to meet a deadline only to realize that you could have done a better job, had you devoted adequate time to the project? Many [tag]small business[/tag] owners suffer from this syndrome. Andrew Brown of, offers [...]

Putting Corporate Professionalism In Your Home-Based Business »

You may be running your [tag]home-based business[/tag] in your sweat pants at the kitchen table, but that’s not the image you want to conjure up in your clients’ minds. The following tips offered on can help you present a corporate, professional image to your clients, even though you’re working in the comfort of your [...]

You’ve Made a Huge Mistake – How To Tell The Client »

Whether you own a [tag]small business[/tag] or you’re a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag], there will come a day when you will make a big mistake that will adversely affect your client. For example, you’re inputting contacts into your client’s database, you press the wrong key and – poof – her files are gone. Deleted. Irretrievable. What do [...]

Ending The Client Relationship – How To Fire The Client Eating Up Your Time and Bottom Line »

Are you a [tag]virtual assisitant[/tag] with a difficult client who utilizes a ton of your time, yet adds comparatively little to your income? If you’ve tried to improve the relationship through constructive communication yet the problems keep piling up, Mentor/Coach Cheryl Calligan offers some professional ways to fire that client. 1) Be Honest – let [...]