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Determining the Best “Voice” for Your Website »

As a virtual assistant, you are selling yourself to potential clients largely through your website.  Through your website, you are expressing to potential clients who you are through the copy on your website.  Therefore it is very important to choose those words wisely.  How are you representing yourself?  As a single entrepreneur in the first person, such [...]

Don’t Sell Yourself Short – Market Wisely »

A virtual assistant is a highly skilled professional with finely tuned administrative and creative skills gained through experience in the business world, right?  So why is the industry forever selling itself to the marketplace with words like “cheap,” ”low cost” and “no commitment?”  When marketing yourself as a virtual assistant, it is wise to focus on [...]

199 Online Tools – a Must-Have for Virtual Entrepreneurs »

“Tech Divas” Donna Baxter and Kirsten Womack have authored “199 Online Tools,” a virtual bible of websites and resources available to online entrepreneurs to help them build and grow their businesses. “199 Online Tools” is an indispensable compilation of resources addressing an expansive array of business needs, including audio and visual tools to enhance a [...]

Promoting Your VA Business Using Ezines »

As a small business owner, you know the value of promoting your Virtual Assistant business in a cost-effective way. One inexpensive choice to attract new clients is utilizing the internet’s vast reach through ezines, also known as electronic newsletters. No matter how your VA business is oriented, there is an ezine available which will suit [...]

Building Your Virtual Assistant Business – 7 Proven Ways To Get Clients Now »

There are many creative ways to advertise your new [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] business and start building clientele, without spending a lot of money. An investment in a box of business cards and a few donated hours can spread the word that you’re in business, and showcase your skills in a positive way. Lisa Taliga, author of [...]

Success Formula: Be A Purple Cow »

You’re either a purple cow, or you’re not. Remarkable, or invisible in a sea of aspiring [tag]virtual assistants[/tag]. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you must offer a product or service that is phenomenal, memorable, or unbelievable is the advice given in Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable, a book [...]

Marketing a Virtual Assistant Business »

Marketing a Virtual Assistance Business is a crucial part of your success. Here are some ways for you to network, share, advertise and grow your business: Read More…

How to Market Your VA biz: You need a Plan »

The marketing plan is a strategy you will use to get people to buy your product or service. Internet marketing is simply a marketing strategy that is administered on the Internet.

Connect With Your Clients Year-Round With Reminder Services »

As a new [tag]virtual assisitant[/tag], you’d love to offer a personal touch to your clients by sending a birthday card or anniversary greeting, but how can you possibly keep track of all those dates, and come up with a personal greeting for each of them?

To Attract A Client, You Must Learn Her Industry’s Language »

“Wanted: [tag]Virtual Assistant[/tag] For High-Volume Options Trader.” Do you know what a “call” is? A “put?” “Arbitrage” or “yield?” If you want to work in a particular industry, you’ll have to know more than how to prepare an EXCEL spreadsheet or a compelling sales letter. Fields such as finance, real estate and the health care [...]

Unique Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Market Herself Every Day »

Just thinking about marketing yourself can be overwhelming. Actually formulating and executing a marketing plan takes time and a great deal of effort. But there are effective and inexpensive ways you can promote your virtual assistant  services every day. Dawn Mayo’s article on entitled “Effective Ways To Market Every Day” offers some innovative techniques [...]

Up-Sell Your Clients From Outtasking To Outsourcing »

Do you have a client who utilizes your [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] sevices periodically to complete tasks for her, for example to draft a compelling sales letter, or to send out a mass mailing? If this is the case, your client is outtasking – not [tag]outsourcing[/tag] – and there’s opportunity for you to change that scenario. What’s [...]

The Coveted Client Testimonial – Know When and How to Ask »

Client testimonials are ultimately your best [tag]marketing[/tag] tool.  Nothing reassures a potential client of your ability as a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] like a glowing attestation to your skills and demeanor from a satisfied client.  But knowing when and how to ask is essential. Peter Geisheker, in his article “How To Easily Get Customer Testimonials” suggests several ways to [...]

Low Cost Start-Up Marketing Ideas »

Now that you’ve decided to become a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] or start that [tag]small business[/tag], how do you spread the word about your new venture? Even before you delve into the world of websites and internet marketing, there are some inexpensive, effective ways to get the marketing ball rolling. In her article “Extra! Extra! Read All [...]

Mind Over Matter – Overcoming Your Fear Of Marketing »

There are many reasons that [tag]small business[/tag] owners and [tag]virtual assistants[/tag] hesitate to market themselves. Among them are the fears of “bothering people” and rejection, as well as a self-conciousness about calling attention to themselves. Dr. Maya Bailey has some suggestions to overcome these insecurities by using the Law of Attraction in her article in [...]

Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce – A Resource for VA’s and Business Professionals »

The Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce, or VACOC, is a networking association providing free tools to [tag]virtual assistants[/tag] and those business professionals interested in connecting with reputable VAs. The website offers articles and teleclasses, business forms, a chat room, as well as a professional directory and a blog. Membership is free, but not all members [...]