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Welcome to the #1 resource of real work at home jobs and virtual assistant jobs on the Internet! »

ANNOUNCEMENT: presents a terrific resource for Work at Home Jobs – Virtual Assistant Jobs *Welcome to the #1 resource of real work at home jobs and virtual assistant jobs on the Internet!* We are very excited to announce our association with Virtual Assistant Jobs online directory,  specialize in locating legitimate work at home jobs [...]

Research is Essential Before Launching a VA Business »

To launch a successful VA business, you need more than just a computer and top notch administrative skills.  To compete in the ever-expanding world of virtual assistance, you need a competitive edge.  Janice Byer, Owner of Docu-Type Administrative and Web Design Services provides some helpful suggestions on her website to those considering launching a VA business.

Terrified of Failure? 3 Steps To Help You Forge Ahead Fearlessly »

Starting a new virtual assistant business or small home-based business is fraught with uncertainties. All-consuming worries like, “what if I quit my job and I can’t make a living at this,” and “what will happen to my family” can usurp so much of the energy that you could be investing into your business, that failure almost becomes inevitable.

Consider These Questions Before Launching Your VA Business »

You’ve heard the term Virtual Assistant, researched it, and are determined to give this home-based business a try. But how exactly do you get started? The site Valley Virtual Assistance offers a comprehensive list of considerations that every savvy solopreneur-to-be should review carefully. The list includes asking youself whether you have identified your target market, [...]

Practical Tips For Launching Your Virtual Assistant Career »

Contemplating leaving the corporate workplace to pursue your dream of becoming a [tag]Virtual Assistant[/tag]? Brian Tracy, author of “7 Practical Tips For [tag]Small Business[/tag] Success” on, points out that starting a business requires both faith and courage, and also some practical planning.

How to Start Your Own VA Business…one way… »

One of the hottest new home businesses today is the virtual assistant business. Know the ins-and-outs of this business and start earning from your home today. more…..

Thanks to the Internet there’s a new way to make money with your computer. You might be surprised at all the different services you could offer with this new home business. Most people have become familiar with word processors, which usually consists of typing manuscripts, letters, transcription and writing resumes, but the new virtual assistant is like word processing on steroids.

Diana Ennen, has been a home-based word processor now for about 15 years. She started to educate herself about all the possibilities a person has when starting a virtual assistant business. Diana Ennen along with Kelly Poelker, a certified Master Virtual Assistant, just finished writing an ebook called, “A Bizy’s Guide: How To Start Your Own Home-Based Virtual Assistant’s Business.”

Business Resource: Virtual Assistant Networking Association »

The Virtual Assistant Networking Association (VANA) is a website dedicated to promoting the [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] industry. The website boasts the largest VA message board in the world with over 6000 members, and contains articles and tips on planning, operating and succeeding in the virtual assisting world.

To Attract A Client, You Must Learn Her Industry’s Language »

“Wanted: [tag]Virtual Assistant[/tag] For High-Volume Options Trader.” Do you know what a “call” is? A “put?” “Arbitrage” or “yield?” If you want to work in a particular industry, you’ll have to know more than how to prepare an EXCEL spreadsheet or a compelling sales letter. Fields such as finance, real estate and the health care [...]

Business Opportunity: Industry Leader Says Market for Virtual Assistants is Booming »

“There is so much work for VAs…the field is thriving, actually booming,” says Diana Ennen, co-author of “Virtual Assistant – The Series” in an article entitled “Lend Assistance” in the Best Business and Finance section of Readers Digest Online at Virtual Assistants are professionals who work from their homes, offering business services such as [...]

Grace Under Fire – Maintaining Professionalism In The Face Of Conflict »

All [tag]virtual assistants[/tag] have had those terrible moments when we’re so angry, we just want to lash out and scream at someone.  In the virtual world, that often translates into an angry e-mail, instant message, or discussion board entry.  This type of behavior can be a career killer.  In her article on AYS Virtual Assistant [...]

How To Inspire Trust In A Prospective Client »

You’re a professional [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] – competent, diligent, trustworthy.  But how do you convince a prospective client that they can confidently leave their business in your capable hands when there’s no face to face interview?  In a traditional interview process, you would be given the opportunity to present yourself as a polished professional, with a portfolio of work samples [...]

Should You Accept A Client Requiring Periodic “On-Site” Work? »

There are many local business opportunities for [tag]virtual assistants[/tag] willing to periodically work “on-site” for clients.  But is this a good idea, and does it fit your professional job description as a virtual assistant?  Some would argue that a virtual assistant willing to work at a client site is not actually a virtual assistant, but an [...]

Plan Before Launching Your VA Business »

Any successful [tag]small business[/tag] starts with a business plan. If you’re planning to quit your 9 – 5 to become a [tag]virtual assistant[/tag], experts advise you’ll need a business plan, too. In her article “Starting a Virtual Assistant Business” on, Carolyn Moncel advises that a new VA must be prepared to work evenings, weekends [...]

Recipe For Success – Becoming a Virtual Assistant »

You can read many articles today about what it takes to become a VA. These articles will describe the job skills, office equipment and software required but few will explain the characteristics an individual needs to be successful as a Virtual Assistant. Like any work from home position, being a VA takes determination and self [...]

Building Your VA Business – Walk Before You Run »

Becoming a VA and building your clientele is an exciting venture. But being too eager to succeed commonly leads to failure and frustration. When starting a business, it’s important to have a clear vision of your objectives. If your primary reason for [tag]working from home[/tag] was to dedicate more time to your family, it’s important [...]

Staying Organized – Working From Home Requires Strategy »

By [tag]working from home[/tag],  skilled entrepreneurs enjoy the flexibility of earning an income without sacrificing time spent with the family. But as virtual professionals all know, it’s not always possible to lock yourself away in your quiet office away from the hustle and bustle of your busy household. So when clients call and deadlines need [...]

A Successful Virtual Assistant Can “Have It All” »

Liz Folger, founder of, reports that according to [tag]virtual assistant[/tag] trade organizations, the average full time VA in the United States will earn more than $39,000 this year. This figure is growing rapidly, as George Washington University predicts that virtual assisting will become a $130 billion industry by 2008. With the availability of technology, [...]