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New Self-Study VAClassroom Skill Camp Program »

Let me ask you a question…… How much would it be worth to you and your business to: Develop the right system to creating a profitable, in-demand Facebook Page Service. Receive an easy-to-follow blueprint for building an effective online newsletter or ezine. Discover proven techniques for designing a winning WordPress Blog. Uncover and implement the [...]

Increase Earnings and Expertise with Social Media Training »

As of this moment, there are thousands of Virtual assistants in the global workforce that can be hired for less than $5 per hour.  For most of us in the USA, trying to compete for clients in today’s competitive environment and weak economy is difficult and frustrating, and reason enough to seek a unique niche for ourselves in [...]

In Demand: Virtual Niche Marketing Assistant »

Get certified in Niche Marketing Techniques Including Blog Creation and Affiliate Marketing Strategies Aspiring [tag]Virtual Assistants[/tag] can find a plethora of training courses available to them simply by visiting a blog or website aimed at the profession.  Many of these courses focus on the fundamental skills needed by an aspiring VA – time management, organizational skills, writing [...]

Is VA Training Worth The Money? »

If you are looking to be hired as a Virtual Assistant, you have probably run into some VA training programs that claim to give you a leg up over the competition. But are these training programs really worth the money? Some of these programs may be based on skill sets and office procedures. The training [...]